How to set up Linksys RT31P2 router with Verizon FiOS and the Actiontec MI424WR router.

I had so much trouble getting my telephone adapter to work after having FiOS installed I decided to post this page to help others.  Just follow the directions.  If your telephone adapter is different, these directions will work provided your adapter is actually a router as is the Linksys RT31P2.  Many telephone adapters are routers even though they do not say so.  Search to find out if yours is.

I would suggest you print these instructions since you will be shutting down your computer in this procedure.

These instructions assume your PC is cabled as Verizon left it, and you have reinstalled your Linksys RT31P2 telephone adapter (which isn't working right) to a port on the FiOS Actiontec router that Verizon installed; i.e. your phone adapter is connected between your PC and the Actiontec router and everything is plugged in.  If this is not the case with your setup, perform Steps 1 through 10 and unplug both routers.  Then set up your cabling as described in Step 13 and continue with the steps.

We will be talking about WAN ports and LAN ports on the backs of your routers.  They are labeled, but the single RJ-45 port (takes an ethernet cable not a phone plug) is always the WAN port and the grouped RJ-45 ports (three or four close together) are the LAN ports.

1. Without changing any cables, open a browser window and enter the Actiontec's browser address, Log in. If you still have the default login and/or password, type "admin" in the username field and "password" in the password field (without the quotes). It is a good idea to change the username and password to something no everyone knows. You can change them on the "Main" page under My Router. When you are finished write down your new password and login again.

2. Click on the System Monitoring icon.

3. Look beside "Broadband MAC Address." Write down the MAC address you see there, including the colons. This is the Actiontec's MAC address. The colons are just to help you read it more easily and can be omitted or replaced with spaces. Letters are not case sensitive.

4. Click the Logout tab at the left.

5. Now we want to make the Linksys telephone adapter tell Verizon that it is the Actiontec router because Verizon monitors this and won't give Internet access to anything else.  This is cloning of a MAC address and is perfectly legal.  First we recable so our PC can talk to our telephone adapter.  Remove from the Actiontec router the ethernet cable going to your PC. Insert that connector into one of the LAN ports (one of the three ports close together) in the back of your Linksys RT31P2 Phone Adapter.

6. Reboot your PC. Rebooting will make the telephone adapter assign an IP address to your PC so you can talk to it.  Now we will login to the Linksys phone adapter. Open a browser window and type in the default IP address of the Linksys router; Don't enter anything else, just the numbers and dots.  Press enter.  A screen will pop up asking for a username and password.  Login with "admin" as both the username and password.  Don't bother changing the default username and password in this box.

7. Click the Setup tab found near the top. Just under the Setup tab click on MAC Address Clone.

8. Change the Disable setting to Enable.

9. This will make a field appear where you can enter a MAC address for the Linksys telephone adapter (router) to clone.  Enter the Actiontec's MAC address that you wrote down in Step 3.

10. Click Save Settings. Close browser. Shut down PC.

11. Unplug from electricity both the Actiontec and Linksys boxes. Unplug from the Linksys phone adapter's LAN port the ethernet cable running to your PC. Plug it back into an open LAN port on the Actiontec.  This puts the cable back where it was before we started.

12. There is a cable running from the Actiontec router to your Internet connection, perhaps a wall plate like Verizon installed for me. Remove the end that's not connected to the Actiontec router (the wall plate end in my case) and plug it into one of the LAN ports on your Linksys phone adapter. Leave the other end in the WAN port of your Actiontec router.

13. Remove from the Actiontec LAN port, the connector of the cable that runs to your Linksys phone adapter's WAN port. Plug it into the wall (your incoming Internet jack). Leave the other end in the phone adapter's WAN port. Now you should have cables running from Internet to Linksys phone adapter WAN, and phone adapter LAN to Actiontec WAN. Your PC will be connected to the Actiontec LAN port as it was initially.

14. Plug into electricity only your Linksys phone adapter and wait about one minute for it to finish booting. Then plug in the Actiontec. Wait again, a little longer for the Actiontec to boot. Now turn on your PC.

15. Test your voip line to confirm it works, both incoming and outgoing. Check for Internet access from your PC.

16.  Jump up and down and celebrate.

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